Leuci Family

Leuci family have been operating in the wine-producing area since 1924, thus the company name “Lucio Leuci” is a tribute to the hard work of the current owners’ grandfather. Today the grandchildren and brothers, Francesco and Lucio, devote themselves completely to produce high quality wines, attesting the tipicality of their native land.

The Vineyards

The grapes come from their lands, these cover a surface area of around 30 hectares; of these 22 hectares are planted with the Negroamaro grape variety, typical of this Salento area, 3 with Montepulciano and 5 with Chardonnay. The oldest vines (40 years old) are cultivated using the traditional “alberello pugliese” agricultural method, this method leads to low yields per hectare (60/70 quintal/he), but produces grapes of excellent quality. The younger vines are cultivated using the espalier agricultural method, and are of a size which allows for more plants per hectare, with fewer bunches per plant. This procedure means that the vine gives a lower yield, but consequently a higher quality product.

The vinification

The wine-making is carried out in the modern wine cellar in Guagnano, situated just a few hundred metres from the farm, where the high quality grapes are processed with particular care paid to the temperature of the must. Red wines are produced at a temperature of 25° to guarantee and maintain the typical bouquet of the negroamaro. Chardonnay and rosé are instead  produced at a temperature of 15° for a slow transformation of sugars into alcohol with excellent results in terms of maintaining the scent and smoothness of the wine.

Salento d' Amare - Vini Leuci

Terre del Salento - Vini Leuci 2012

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